Donut springs

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What are Donut Springs?

An exciting new product range at RP Group, these fabric and rubber springs will provide long life, greater productivity, fast replacement time and virtually maintenance free operation. Designed to suit the application various sizes can be produced from larger springs with fabric reinforcement for high load carrying capacity, to smaller anti-vibration solid rubber springs.

They can be used as a replacement for steel coil springs or an additional anti-vibration device. Unlike coil springs they will not deteriorate in damp or corrosive environments. Low natural frequencies provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies. Using these type of products will also provide major noise reduction of the equipment being used.

At RP Group, we are proud to be the largest distributor of Donut Springs across Northern Ireland and The Republic Of Ireland.


These vibration-isolation springs have fabric reinforcement to provide suitable load carrying capabilities. Their natural low frequencies provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies and make them highly suitable as a replacement to steel coil springs.

The Donut Rubber Spring has been in development since the final quarter of 2009 and after a lengthy R&D process we are now at a stage where we can offer a full range of sizes. This product has now been proving itself in the field and with increasing demand we feel that it will perform to a very high standard.

The main market for this product is currently the materials handling industry but because of its versitilty it can be used as a vibration isolator in many applications.